Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery

Many celebrity watchers beleive that Kate Middleton had a nose job, eye surgery, breast implants and dental veneers.

After comparing pictures of her from 2006 and 2010 ), the website "Good Plastic Surgery" concluded that she benefited from a nose job and surgery to remove bags under her eyes.

 Her nostrils and the tip of her nose are thinner, the website claimed.

As for her eyes, “I like the work she had done. It is very subtle and makes her eyes stand out more. Her plastic surgeon is marvelously talented,” the website said.

Some think she has gotten dental veneers, going against the stereotype that bad teeth and being British are nearly synonymous. That’s based on some photos where she has a toothy smile.

Middleton is not buxom, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating about possible breast implants, especially since she looked quite flat-chested in a fashion show at university.

If any of that is true, the work was so subtle that it’s hard to distinguish from beauty that’s totally natural.

The cosmetic medicine website MakeMeHeal.com concludes that “Kate Middleton looks like she is a natural beauty.”

Photos taken from GoodPlasticSurgery.Com


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  2. Kate has her eyes lifted, you can see from the old pictures, now when Kate smiles her eyes are like oriental, i meant like chinese eyes, while before she used to have dropped eyes.
    kate has lost tonnes of weight, however her face look more plump up than before, i think she uses derma filler for her cheeks, and the forehead is always frozen, considering she makes so many expressions but the face is always frozen. Botox
    the job nose is obvious, now her nose is much slimmer and refine.

  3. i guess you cannot blame Kate, if i would have the money i will do it as well,

    1. She has hair extensions. She had a facelift. Her eye bags are gone. Her jaw is more defined. Remember that long temple scar? Yup, that's the face lift scar.(they tried to cover up the story with the excuse that the scar was a hockey accident scar...yeah right, I worked in a plastic surgery clinic for 7 years so I do know what I'm talking about). Nose is slimmer, face is slimmer.teeth are better

      Google the old pictures and you'll see the differences.They are rather stark.

      But her fans will turn a blind eye and say that she is a natural beauty regardless but facts are facts and hence why the British media wasn't intrigued by her for ten years because she was just a plain pudgy-faced girl.

  4. yes, i mean look how often it goes wrong and how many people become obsessed with it. There are no guarantees that you will get the results you want and you could be left mamed for life or just completely inrecognisable, look what happened to jennifer grey (dirty dancing) she got a nose job and it ended her career.
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