Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery

A team of elite Los Angeles doctors have successfully completed what some are calling the" biggest plastic surgery"!

 Surgeon Dr. Aristotle Wang successfully corrected a disfiguring birth defect that has plagued one of Hollywood’s hottest young starlets, "Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart.

"It’s what we in the plastics world like to call chronic bitchface," said a team member who declined to be named, since he was in the process of selling his account of the surgery to TMZ.

 "The girl just could not smile. It looked like she ate a fart."

According to hospital insiders, the procedure consisted of reconnecting nerves in Ms. Stewart’s cheeks, mouth, and chin.

Dr. Wang confirmed that he and three other surgeons used state of the art instruments to make subtle adjustments to her underlying musculature."Now her lips turn up at the corners,"he said proudly. "In the operating room, one of my guys actually shrieked. He thought her mouth was full of maggots. But it turns out, she just has teeth."

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Has Kristen Stewart gone under the knife?

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