Ann Romney Children

Ann Romney's first son was born in 1970 while Ann and Mitt were undergraduates at BYU(to where Mitt had transferred based upon her request). After Mitt graduated, the pair moved to Belmont, Massachusetts, so that he could attend Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School. Slowed down by motherhood, Ann later finished her undergraduate work by gaining a semester and half's worth of credits via taking night courses at Harvard University Extension School. Ann Romney received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in French language from BYU in 1975.

A stay-at-home mother, Romney raised the family's five boys: Taggart (known as "Tagg", born in 1970), Matthew ("Matt", 1971), Joshua ("Josh", 1975), Benjamin ("Ben", 1978), and Craig (1981). 

It has to be noted that Ann faced criticism from her parents over her decision to marry and begin a large family at such a young age. Ann also felt snubbed by her peers, at a time when the feminist movement was blooming and educated women were establishing careers. She later claimed: "My parents were questioning my choices, my peers were. But I was pretty resolute, pretty confident in what I was doing."

Ann taught early morning seminary to them and other kids while her husband worked, first in business, then in politics. She wanted to go on for a master's degree, perhaps in art history, but first taking care of her children, and later her health issues, forestalled that. She was active in the local PTA and with the League of Women Voters. With a pal, Ann held local cooking classes for a short period of time. Naturally athletic, Ann started playing tennis and became one of the best players around the local country clubs.

In a few words, Ann Romney's children now:

1. Taggart Romney: Born in 1970. Tagg works in marketing and is married to Jennifer.

2. Matthew Romney: Born in 1971. Matt works in real estate and is married to Laurie.

 3. Joshua Romney: Born in 1975. Josh is a real estate developer and is married to Jen.

4. Benjamin Romney: Born in 1978. Ben is a medical student and is married to Andelynne.

5.  Craig Romney: Born in 1981. Craig is an advertising music producer and is married to Mary.

It has to be mentioned that Ann Romney had a miscarriage. According to Allen G. Breed, Ann and Mitt lost a baby boy "several months into her pregnancy." However, CNN reported "the couple suffered a miscarriage" around 1991.

Ann and Mitt Romney have 18 grandchildren!

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