Lady Gaga Before And After

According to plastic surgeon experts: "Lady Gaga definitely had a rhinoplasty. It looks a little pinched, but not bad."

But Mother Monster has insisted that she will never go under the surgeon's knife.

Lady Gaga called cosmetic procedures "harmful" because they promote insecurity.

To be more specific, speaking in the May issue of U.S. "Harper's Bazaar", Gaga was quoted as saying: "I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification."

Gaga claimed: "And how many models and actresses do you see on magazine covers who have brand-new faces and have had plastic surgery, while I myself have never had any plastic surgery?"

Lady Gaga recently admitted that she would possibly get plastic surgery in the future. In an interview with "Heat Magazine", she revealed that she didn’t have any plasic surgery procedure yet, even though there are those who maintain that they have observed differences in her appearance over the years. 

The confession came after being asked if she did have surgery in which Gaga responded: "I haven't had any yet, I was born this way. But maybe after I pop out a few Gaga babies I'll be not born this way any more." Surgery after a pregnancy isn’t out of the norm for many, tummy tucks are a quick fix for loose skin and lasers can help fade stretch marks.

It’s a bit of a suprising testimony since Lady Gaga has spent much time pushing the message to love who you are, even penning the song "Born this Way." She also told "Heat magazine": "I have had my body insecurities, but that's why I wrote "Born This Way", I wanted to create a space that would liberate all of those insecurities. It's an incredibly church-like, religious experience where we exorcise our insecurities."

More previous images of Lady Gaga emerged recently suggesting that Gaga got some plastic surgery procedures to improve her image before getting to the place of her career she is now. Apparently there are plastic surgeons who strongly believe that she got breast implants and a rhinoplasty.

There are photos that show her like a completely different person, but the biggest difference is her nose.  In the previous pictures her nose looks much bigger and poorly defined, now it looks with better proportion, but still, is not perfectly defined showing some bump depending on the picture,which makes plastic surgeons wonder:"Why she would go for a rhinoplasty to get the job partially done?"

So, for this one there are different options. It could be that those older pictures are somehow manipulated, that is not even her, that the photographer was a completely disaster to make her look fine or that she actually got the nose job like that.

According to the, Gaga hasn't got breast implants, because  earlier this year, her breast looks pretty much natural, not too big, not too round, not too upper projected, but with all the signs of natural breast. With her particular sense of style, sometimes she likes to wear corsets and push up bras, so that could explain the change that can be seen sometimes.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's before and after transformation?

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