Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shakira Sings Metallica

Who could ever imagine that Shakira loves "Nothing else matters" by Metallica?

To me, it's very unusual to hear her covering rock ballads.
I prefer to sing her own songs.

She tried to make a difference by interpreting "Nothing else matters" in her own way. Nothing wrong with that...She attempted to be creative.The result though is totally unacceptable! 
In my opinion, this song can't be delivered like that! It is soooo gypsy!

I bet that Shakira didn't have the intention to ridicule Metallica...Anyway, we have to accept the fact that sometimes artists have their bad moments & made the wrong decisions...

You can watch Shakira's performance in the video below...
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  1. NICE POST!!! I love Shakira! You have some great pics of her. Keep up the good work and please stop by my blog


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