Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kate Upton Implants

For those who haven't heard of Kate Upton, Kate Upton is a voluptuous supermodel who has posed in the "Sports Illustrated Swimwuit Issue" and she rocks the catwalk for "Victoria’s Secret".  

Kate’s breasts have been a hot topic of conversation and many people claim that she has breast implants.

So, the question is: "Are Kate Upton's breasts real or fake?"  

Kate Upton has large D-cup breasts and we have to admit that  her breasts may seem natural to her size, but she actually has got breast implants.

 Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer states "Kate Upton does appear to have breast implants as revealed by the very distinct and sharp transition from her full cleavage to her chest. Her breast augmentation fits her frame well and balances out her proportions."

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  1. Who cares. She's still making her money, and the fact that people have to WONDER if they're implants means she got a damn good surgeon to do it.

  2. Everybody care !!! It is really important to know !


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