Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mick Jagger Counted Every Penny Even With Prostitutes, A Tell-All Book Reveals !

Throughout his career Mick Jagger has given the impression of a reckless rock star, but in reality he has always counted every penny and watched his money - allegedly even with prostitutes.

A new tell-all book titled "BackStage Pass VIP" describes the legendary Rolling Stones front man as a conservative and cost-conscious capitalist during the band’s hay day in the 1970s.

"Even then, Jagger outlined what he was willing to pay as if he were negotiating the details of a world tour – micro-managing the transactions with call girls in Europe," explains author Debra Sharon Davis.

The pop culture trend expert and historian reveals that Jagger was uncomfortable paying for sex and always felt he was overcharged and couldn’t really appreciate the services of the women he hired.

"Equal to music Jagger loved negotiating. His greatest respect was for businessmen who made a lot of money," claimed Davis, who had full access to the Stones when she traveled with the band on their 1982 European Tour. "For Jagger, a conservative, male chauvinist, it was how he defined manhood.

"Like almost all decisions, Jagger addressed the problem fiscally. The ultimate CEO. Jagger worried about law suits from strange women. He was fixated on the bottom line."

It wasn’t just sexy hook-ups that Mick balanced his checkbook for, as he kept an equally close eye on business transactions while the Rolling Stones were on the road.

"On the 1982 European tour in Germany, Jagger made a packed indoor stadium of rowdy kids wait nearly an hour while he calculated box office receipts because he remembered financial inaccuracies years before," Davis recalled.

It appears that Mick is very insecure and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he is a control freak over his money ( if the claims that are revealed in the tell-all book are true ). Who knows? Maybe he had a traumatic experience in the past over his financial issues...What do you think?

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