Thursday, April 4, 2013

Elisabeth Shue Plastic Surgery

American actress, Elisabeth Shue (full name: Elisabeth Judson Shue) best known for her roles in the movies "The Karate Kid", "Adventures in Babysitting", "Cocktail", "Back to the Future Parts II, III", "The Saint" and "Leaving Las Vegas", is rumored to have gone under the plastic surgeon's knife as she still maintains her youthful appearance.

Judging by the before and after photos, Shue, 49, doesn't have many aging signs around her face, but we have to admit that her nose has changed a bit. Shue's nose was larger and bulbous in the past while now appears smaller and more refined. The tip is more sculpted and defined, a sign of a tip rhinoplasty. The lower cartilages of the nose look reshaped.

Shue has likely have had botox injections, fillers and laser treatments to get rid of the wrinkles which reasonably appear on a woman her age.

It is clear that Shue takes care of herself. Apart from plastic surgery procedures, other factors that keep her young are: a healthy diet, exercising a lot and of course the fact she is blessed with good genes.

It has to be noted that Shue hasn't revealed yet the secrets of her ageless appearance.

Conclusion: With or without plastic surgery, Elisabeth Shue looks great for a woman her age.

What do you think? Did Elisabeth Shue have plastic surgery?

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