Aishwarya Rai Cosmetic Surgery

Indian film actress and model Aishwarya Rai is rumored to have had cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance.

Rai, 39, is estimated to get her teeth fixed and have had a nose job, cheek implants, lip injections.

Judging by the before and after pictures, her nose now seems slimmer, thinner and pointed while then was big and didn't fit very well to her face, an indication of a well-executed nose job. On the other hand, Rai claims that she didn't have a nose job, explaining that excellent make-up techniques can make her nose appear different in shape and size. 

Celebrity watchers, who believe that Rai had cheek implants or fillers like Restylane or Juvederm, notice a change in her facial structure as it is well defined, making her jawline sharper than it was. They also point out that she looks more beautiful now!

Her lips seem fuller, larger, more plumped and filled than before, giving her a sexy lip shape. 

It has to be noted that Aishwarya Rai denies all cosmetic surgery rumors, insisting that she is 100% natural! Let's take a look below at an excerpt from an interview Aishwarya Rai gave to Filmfare about her having undergone cosmetic surgery.  

Question: Okay, finally tell me, have you ever undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance your looks?

Answer: Never. I know there have been rumors that I've had my teeth and jawline corrected. But they're only rumors. Others have opted for these things, I haven't. I'd rather not start any controversy. Implants, liposuctions and plastic surgery are a matter of personal choice. I can't comment on what others do. As for me, I've only got my enamel bleached. It's as simple as getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist. See, I've never had a pearly white set of teeth. I suffered from a calcium deficiency, which made my teeth look a little stained. So I needed to get them cleaned. I felt my teeth were too big and wanted them corrected. I told the dentist that my face was lopsided and that I had a strange smile. He assured me that my teeth were just fine. According to him, my large teeth broke the symmetry of my mouth and gave my face an interesting dimension. So if my doctor is happy, who am I to complain?"

What do you think? Did Aishwarya Rai have cosmetic surgery?

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