Helen Flanagan Boob Job

English actress and model Helen Flanagan (full name: Helen Joyce Gabriel Flanagan) best known for portraying the character of Rosie Webster in the ITV soap opera "Coronation Street," is rumored to have had a boob job to improve her appearance.

Judging by the before and after photos, Flanagan, 22, has gone from being somewhat flat chested to having huge boobs. Her breasts look larger and fuller than before, going from a small A-cup to a B-cup (34B) or (according to others) a DD-cup (32DD).

In 2012 Helen Flanagan revealed that her breast size goes up and down depending on what she eats. 

As her "I'm a Celebrity" campmates questioned the sudden inflation Helen was quoted as saying: "Seriously, I go up a cup size when I eat after dinner and then it goes down again later."

In 2009, talking about her boobs, Flanagan revealed to Look magazine: "I'm really proud of my boobs. I never had boobs when I was young, so I'm grateful I've got a voluptuous chest now. It has a lot of power! Guys always talk to my chest, but I find it quite endearing."

Flanagan has revealed she is embarrassed by her large boobs and has vowed she will no longer wear the low-cut dresses she is famed for, opting instead for demure polo neck jumpers.

In 2012, wearing a nude corset style Jean Paul Gaultier La Perla dress, her hefty assets weren't at all well supported. 

Helen then took to her Twitter page to let people know she is "sensitive" about comments made on her outfit choices and she just wears "whatever dress I think is prettiest".

Helen tweeted: "I cant lie I'm really embarrassed about my boobs…I just wear whatever dress I think is prettiest x."

Writing on her Twitter page, she claimed: "Polo necks for me from now on," as she posted a photo of her pouting in a black high-necked jumper.

Flanagan revealed she was upset at comments made about the Agent Provocateur dress she wore on a recent episode of "Celebrity Juice", where she sported a healthy dose of side boob
"The dress was a last-minute buy, but I don't regret it - I thought it looked absolutely lovely with my figure," she told Star magazine.

"People have slated me online for showing too much side boob and some of the comments upset me - I think boobs are beautiful things! Anyway, it's not my style to dress immaculately!" Flanagan added.

Flanagan seems to have mixed feelings about her breasts as sometimes feels proud of them and other times embarrassed. 

The truth though is that her boob job is successful, because it appears natural as her breasts are still moving. 

Just in case you wonder what is the secret recipe for natural looking breast implants like Helen Flanagan's, according to plastic surgeons the most important thing is to begin with naturally nice breasts that have enough breast tissue to properly disguise the implants. Silicon implants look and feel more like real breasts than saline implants and having the implants put in through the armpit (transaxillaral) or through the belly button (transumbilical) will leave the breasts free of tell-tale breast augmentation scars.

What do you think of Helen Flanagan's boob job?

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