Mitzi Kapture Plastic Surgery

American actress Mitzi Kapture (real name: Mitzi Gaynor Donahue) best known for her television appearances in "MacGyver", "1st & Ten", "Silk Stalkings," "Baywatch" and "The Young and the Restless," is rumored to have had plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time.

Kapture, 50, is speculated to have had had botox injections, lip injections, facelift, brow lift, neck lift, hyaluronic acid injections like Restylane and Juvederm and too many facial fillers on her cheeks.

Judging by the before and after photos, her forehead, face and neck are unlined and tight, possibly a sign of a facelift and a neck lift to make the lower half of her face to match her wrinkle-free forehead, which may be attributed to Botox or other hyaluronic acid injections like Restylane and Juvederm.

Looking at Kapture's face, we notice that the crow's feet around her eyes has been removed as well as the bags under her eyes, indications of a brow lift. As a result of the procedure, her eyes look refreshed.

In addition, the lipstick lines around her mouth and the nasolabial folds (lines that emanate from the corner of the mouth) have been minimized.

Her lips are fuller now than before, but they are unattractive as she is a victim of the so called "trout pout," an indication of getting lip injections.

It is obvious that Mitzi has had work done on her cheeks that has left her looking "puffy," the so called "pillow cheeks," reminiscent of Lara Flynn Boyle's cheek implants

Her face has gotten larger and fuller, which is likely a result of fat injected into her face, which is supposed to fill it out for a more youthful appearance. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Instead, she ended up with a puffy frozen face

Needless to say that Kapture's fans were completely shocked to see her turn up at looking completely unrecognizable.

We should take into account that some people believe Kapture has some sort of disease/disorder or that she aged naturally. What is sad is that Mitzi appears as if she's gained a lot of weight but only in her face, a side effect from taking steroids (it is called "moon face") The most possible though is that Mitzi has made some terrible decisions on plastic surgery!

Conclusion: Mitzi Kapture has obviously gotten overboard with plastic surgery and now looks almost identical with former beauty Lara Flynn Boyle.

What do you think of Mitzi Kapture's plastic surgery?

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