Selena Gomez Breast Augmentation

American singer and actress Selena Gomez is rumored to have had a breast augmentation to enhance her career.

The rumors circulated on the web after published an article citing In Touch as the originator of the story.

According to In Touch magazine, Selena Gomez's cleavage "has doubled in size."

Dr. Thomas Sterry revealed to the tab: "It looks like Selena has breast implants, she has way too much upper fullness for that to be natural."

Gomez, 20, dismissed the breast augmentation rumor by stating: "The story is completely made up."

Judging by the before and after photos, Gomez's breasts seem larger and fuller than before but that could just be attributed to aging or the use of push-up bras. If Selena had a breast augmentation, her breast size has been increased about a cup and 1/2. 

A recent Elle photo spread has fueled rumors of plastic surgery, as Selena's breasts look very full for her small frame.

Dr. Jonathan Hall - one of the top plastic surgeons in Boston, who is well known for his natural appearing results but has not treated Gomez - was quoted as saying: "Well, the racy red top does make it look like she might have had some help with saline breast implants. In the United States, patients must be 21 for silicone implants. She looks proportional, so if she did get implants, she was smart to not go too large. I am betting that it is just a great pushup bra. Stunning. Good luck to the young couple."

Conclusion: With or without a breast augmentation, Selena Gomez's breasts appear really natural.

What do you think? Did Selena Gomez have a breast augmentation?

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