Saturday, March 17, 2012

Charlie Sheen Hair Transplant

Charlie Sheen's hair has always seemed a bit unnatural but I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with it.

In this interesting picture from 7 years ago he appears with a slicked back style.

As the various photos reveal you can tell that he has some temple recession, but a strong frontal "island" or forelock. This high resolution image shows no signs of lace around the hairline but a suspicious amount of density coming from the top.
Judging from the pic I strongly believe that he may wear some sort of partial hairpiece that sits behind his forelock and has the "bangs" cover his temples.

 Sheen’s hair seems a little bit different at every interview he gives and some have speculated that the actor is sporting one of the finest toupee since William Shatner.

Several hair transplant surgeons varied their opinions over hair loss suggesting that his bouncy hair is the result of a modern male toupee style.

Others suggest that hair loss surgery grafts are likely. It has to be mentioned though that the majority of professionals suggested that he is indeed sporting a toupee of sorts.

It’s fairly clear Sheen’s hair has recessed to a level III on the Norwood balding scale and it appears as if the density in the midscalp is quite a bit lower than the density in the crown/vertex area (back of the head).

In the picture here, you can see his real hairline. Obviously he normally wears a piece, which makes his hair look a little too perfect...

It has to be said that some research has linked cocaine use to hair loss. If this is true then Charlie should be completely bald by now.

What do you think?

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