How Did Tyra Banks Lose Weight ?

Media personality and model Tyra Banks has gained a lot of weight and she got back in shape in a short period of time.  That made a lot of people wonder:" How Tyra lost weight within a six month timeframe?"

 In an interview, Tyra revealed that she had lost 30 pounds during that time by eating healthy and exercising more. Because of this, a lot of people have been asking:"How to lose weight like Tyra Banks?"

It is very hard to beleive, considering the fact that top models starve themselves in order to be skinny, that Tyra doesn't believe in diets and  actually she said she didn't lose the weight with starving herself.

But how actually Tyra Banks has lost 30 pounds?

Some of the foods Tyra has been eating includes: fruits, vegetables and more protein which speed up your metabolism and keep you less hungry. Tyra had decided to let everyone in on how she lost the weight with a plan called "Get Your Shape In Shape". 

Banks is now urging for a healthier approach to food, which also implies cooking our own meals and cutting down on junk food.

According to her nutritionist "She eats plenty of fresh fruits (her favorites: mangos and papayas) and salads with chicken, shrimp, as part of her protein diet plan." She recently hired a part-time chef to help her out in the evenings.

"He makes meals and leaves them for when I get home. This way I can even enjoy regular diet desserts because he knows a lot of healthy diet recipes." Tyra says. Eat right, lose weight!" HCLW says of the healthier diet Tyra is now on. Not only that, but she also likes to make her own soups, which are also healthy, filling and pack little calories.

Besides eating right, Tyra also focuses on working out and making sure she burns the extra calories she might indulge in on an off-day. She hired Martin Snow, a known name in the industry, as her personal trainer and, since then, has been hitting the gym with clock-like regularity. At the exclusive "Trinity Boxing Club" where the former model was also a member, there was no room for slacking off, Snow was saying in a recent interview.

"Basically what she does are moves that a fighter would do. She tends to get bored just doing conventional stuff. I do old-man Charles Atlas workouts. Typically, I bring her over to the park for workout routines to lose weight; we will do some warm-ups, boxing, some running drills, a parachute run where I put a parachute around her and she runs with it. We will do some medicine work where she will take heavy medicine balls and run and chase after them, and throw them at different angles. And then we do kettle balls. I bring them out to the park for the weight loss training. They are fantastic tools. For women, they are awesome. They target the core and you can do it every day." Snow said, as cited by HCLW.

Advice and Conclusion on how to Lose Weight Like Tyra Banks:

Learning how to lose weight like Tyra Banks can be done by making a food journal.  Eating right helps one lose weight. By keeping track of what one eats, it helps one achieve weight loss.
Keeping away from those junk foods can surely help and when one has a food journal, those things will show up.  A balance of healthy foods required with the right amount of daily calorie requirement is essential. Getting a nutritionist to make the right diet for you will surely help.

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