Snooki's Shocking Pregnancy Comments Make Women Like Her More !

Poor Snooki, love her or hate her,when you are in the spotlight like she is, you have to feel kind of sorry for anyone whose pregnancy news is met with a series of jokes and snarky predictions about her future mothering skills.

 It seems like everyone from Zach Braff ("Snooki is pregnant. I hope that fetus enjoys Jaegermeister.") to Joan Rivers ("My God, Snooki is pregnant! Even Rick Santorum wants her to abort.") has taken a below-the-belt dig at Snooki and her supposedly happy announcement in recent days.

Of course, Snooki's not really doing herself any favors with the jaw-dropping comments she shared about her pregnancy with Us Weekly. 

In her Us Weekly cover story,which is presumably the lucrative exclusive she was holding out for,Snooki reveals she's currently 15 weeks along, and engaged to the dad-to-be, Jionni LaValle. She explains that she denied the pregnancy beforehand because "the cardinal rule when you are pregnant is that you can’t tell anyone but your closest friends and family till after three months." 

In typical Snooki form, she isn't exactly concerned about how she comes across in the interview, confessing that she and Jionni discovered about the pregnancy right after partying in Las Vegas over New Year’s and that her first thought was, "Shit, I've been drinking!"

Honestly, that reminds me of Jessica Simpson's statement about finding out her pregnancy!Exactly the same reaction!

Snooki also claimed that the ultrasound made her baby "look like an alien," and I can completely understand that.Nothing weird eh? I mean, that first grainy black and white image is miraculous and amazing and all that happy stuff, but it's yes, definitely alien-esque. Or Skeletor, depending on the angle.
Her comment that's likely to be the most controversial, however, is that she fully plans on being drugged for the delivery. In fact, she went so far as to say, "Natural birth? Eff that!"

Now, I'm not saying I agree with her, but I have to admit, I kind of admire her sense of humor and bravery. I mean, we've become so incredibly opinionated and sensitive about birth choices lately, I can't even imagine the backlash she's going to get for saying she's entirely uninterested in a drug-free delivery. 

What do you think of Snooki's comments over pregnancy?
Do you think she is not grateful for God's gift? How do you feel  about the way she faces this new phase in her life?

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  1. I was the same way, there was no way I was not being drugged.. I don't want to feel the pain of being ripped from my V to my A ... so good for her.. and I was thirteen weeks pregnant and partied my ass of before I found out I was pregnant... it will all b OK.. 90° of ppl are just like is snook but are to emberassed to admit how they really feel

  2. By the way my son was born absolutely perfect

  3. I think ppl take things way to overboard shes just sayn what she feels would make her comfortable to deliver but i gave birth to my daughter with a epidural..some women r for no drugs i say more power to u!! And shes going to be a good mom regardless if the media bashes her ..member first time moms learn as we go along so dont judge!!

  4. I have given birth without any drugs at all and with an epidural and even with only mild assistance through the IV (5 seperate births) and I can honestly say that epidurals aren't for everyone but screw that whole drug free birth! Mine were only drug free because they came too fast. I applaud her honesty and her clear thinking in the matter. She seems pretty smart when she wants to be and I am happy for her!

  5. I think that Snookie is going to be a great mom. It's gonna kick her ass and she is going to have to stop the partying for now but I think that she will step up and actually surprise everyone. I also think that the father Jionni is a stand up guy and actually loves her even for all her faults. We saw a very very narrow view on this woman's actions and a constantly edited portrayal of her. I think that both of them are going to do just fine and the kids gonna have an amazing life with a huge extended family. Come on DJ Pauly as an uncle!!! AWESOME!!!!!


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