Where Does Jennifer Lopez Live ?

Jennifer Lopez is beyond doubt very talented, beautiful and one of the most lovable celebrities worldwide.That is the reason why many of her fans have become obsessed and wonder where Jlo lives!

According to many sources Jennifer Lopez lives in Los Angeles, California and Brookeville, New York.She appears also to have a residence in Miami, Florida.

It has to be mentioned that Jennifer Lopez is spotted frequently in L.A. and New York. She is originally from New York. When she was married to Marc Anthony and after the birth of their twins purchased a home in the northeast. Many sources claim that she lived with Anthony in Bel-Air as well and that they also had a house on Fisher Island and another one in Long Island, New York.

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  1. Well congrats to j lo, she has bought a condo from Istanbul just today- Nov, 19, 2012. She says she is mesmerized with Istanbul and she will definitely like to spend more time in this city...You go girl!


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