Friday, May 4, 2012

Demi Lovato Weight

Demi Lovato, before going to rehab to treat her eating disorderweighed about 116lbs or 52.5kg.


Demi Lovato, after she made her stint in rehab, weighs about 130lbs. 

Now, Demi is healthier and happier and reveals that she’s put on 30 pounds. Demi even states that she is very proud of her new found curves!

"I just felt that being on camera for my first job wasn’t the smartest decision," Demi told Amy Kaufman of the LA Times during a recent interview about her new album, Unbroken. "On TV, you have wardrobe fittings, you have four cameras on you at all times, and you’re worried about your angles and your lighting and your shots."

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  1. demi now have a good body, hot legs, hot ass and are more beautifull :3


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