Friday, May 4, 2012

Demi Lovato Eating Disorder

Demi Lovato, despite the fact that she has made her stint in rehab, has revealed she is still facing a daily battle with her demons opening up in her revealing documentary "Stay Strong" , which aired on MTV.

During the one-hour special Demi admitted: "I cannot tell you that I haven’t thrown up since treatment – I cannot tell you that I have not cut myself since treatment."

"This has been a daily battle" Demi confessed.

The video showed Lovato preparing for her "Broken tour" , which was her first time back on the road since going to rehab in October 2010 to treat eating disorders and self harming issues.

While her treatment might have started then the former child star explained her problems began at a much earlier age.

Demi explained: "When I was four years old and I remember looking in the mirror and thinking I was fat, I was constantly feeling guilty about my weight."

Demi added: "I was overeating to compensate for not feeling worthy enough and then not knowing what to do."

Demi also explained how her feelings of low self esteem lead to her shedding a huge amount of weight at the age of just 12-years-old - but it did not make her feel better.

"Even when I did lose 20lbs when I turned 12 because I stopped eating, it’s never enough. It was an obsession of the mind."

Demi, who claims she was able to hide her problems well, threw herself into her work with a tour followed by an album followed by a TV show , she never took a break.

Speaking of her schedule Demi quoted as saying: "I loved it but it was kinda when I got a little crazy and maybe, possibly, out of control. It literally ended up driving me insane."

Speaking honestly Demi admitted: "I was not eating and purging and self-harming."

It was at this point during a tour in 2010 that her parents stepped in and sat her down telling her they had a plane waiting for her to take her to treatment.

Her reaction was one that many in her position would take she explained: "I was so mad at my parents I was like "I hate you guys."'

Demi spoke at her anxieties about putting on weight and declared: "Last night was pretty bad, right before I went on stagfe I was crying in my dressing room. I know it’s silly to the average person."

Demi added: "It really messed with my head."

While there is no doubt that Demi is healthier and happier than ever, she is well aware that she has work to do. Demi stated: "Recovery doesn’t have a day off.....I don’t think there is a finish line I just think you keep going."

Demi made the following confession about her eating disorder on "Seventeen" magazine:

"I started compulsively overeating at a very young age. And then I almost stopped eating altogether at the age of 12, after being harassed by kids at school, for being "fat". My eating disorder will continue to affect me for the rest of my life, but I'm proud to say that I got the help I needed, and am now the happiest and healthiest I have ever been!

Eating disorders are serious and complex problems that affect millions of young men and women all over the world. But so many people don’t actually understand them. For example, it's a common misconception that eating disorders are just about food. But they’re actually about so much more than that.

Eating disorders often stem from feelings of low self esteem, depression, anxiety, or in my case, being teased and ridiculed for my weight. I also believe that a big contributing factor to these feelings is the pressure that’s out there to meet impossible standards.

This is why I'm so proud of my partnership with the Jed Foundation for the "Love Is Louder Than the Pressure To Be Perfect Campaign". Through the campaign we encourage everyone to love who they are and embrace the so-called "flaws" that actually make each of us unique.

If you or someone you know if suffering from an eating disorder, it's important to speak up and seek professional help. There are a lot of great websites out there with tips on how to deal, and more information about the disease. A great one that I recommend is "The National Eating Disorders Association".

You can get help, and you can feel better.


Very positive and hopeful message about eating disorders by Demi Lovato. Don't you think?

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