Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dionne Bromfield: Amy Winehouse's Goddaughter Talks About Amy And Her Music Career !

Dionne Bromfield strikes a pose for a feature in Flaunt's "The Psychoanalytic Issue: Behavioral Patterns".

The 16-year-old singer and goddaughter of the late Amy Winehouse revealed to the mag:

On her godmother: "Amy used to call me her older sister, and I never understood why. I have seen the world through Amy. I know what is right and what is wrong. I love what I am doing. I look at it like a bundle of fun."

On growing up as a pop star: "I went to an all-girls school and they were b-tchy. Someone found out that Amy was my godmother and came right in my face and said, "Oh, so Amy Winehouse is your godmother? Well, Britney Spears is mine!" I have moved to a performance school now and everyone is very supportive there."

On the songs she writes: "My album is basically a massive gossip column about other people’s lives. I would say it is 80 percent about people and 20 percent is me. I like to observe the right- and wrong-doings of others."

Dionne Bromfield is so beautiful and sweet! Hope that she will make a huge career like Amy!

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