Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jessica Simpson Acne

Jessica Simpson reportedly had acne.  

The question is: "What cured Jessica Simpson's acne?"

 According to Simpson herself (in Jane magazine and E! TV), the answer was the strong prescription medicine Accutane. A form of vitamin A, dermatologists have long seen the beneficial effects of Accutane to normalize pores and shrink oil glands, improving the skin of millions of patients.  

It has to be mentioned though that there are well documented side effects to Accutane.

To be exact, no woman should become pregnant while taking the pill because of the risk of birth defects. Other problems, such as dry skin, sun sensitivity, and possible emotional effects, are temporary and can be minimized under a doctor's care. Accutane can clear severe forms of acne for months or years.

Oddly, once Jessica was hired to be a spokesmodel for Proactiv, a heavily hyped acne line, she appears to have changed her tune. According to the corporate web site, Simpson now sings Proactiv's praises:
"I just had so much build up and so many clogged pores that once I started using Proactiv Solution, my face was just shining...I'm passionate about Proactiv because it worked for me and it gave me so much confidence."

According to dermatologists, the beneficial results from Accutane for cases of persistent cystic acne are clear. Proactiv, on the other hand, might work for mild cases (the ingredients, benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid, are available over-the-counter at any pharmacy). 

Jessica Simpson is paid by companies to advertise their products
It has to be mentioned that Katy Perry followed Jessicas's example (check out my blog post: "Katy Perry Acne" for details).
Conclusion: Don't trust celebrities when they are talking about products. Most of the times celebrities don't even use them. 

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