Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Khloe Kardashian's Transgender Accuser Is Full Of Crap !

The transgender woman who insists she was violently beaten by Khloe Kardashian at a Los Angeles club is lying. All of the evidence shows she's full of crap!

Chantal Spears has filed legal documents stating she'll drop the case if Khloe pays $150,000.  The question is: "Has Khloe actually beaten her?" Check out the details below...

1. There is surveillance video which shows there was no contact between Khloe and Chantal.

2. The video shows after Khloe and Lamar enter the club, Chantal appears completely unfazed.

3. The valet who escorted Khloe and Lamar out of their car on December 5, 2009 reveals he was standing between the couple and Chantal and there was never any contact.

4. Chantal was interviewed by the LAPD and said she was not injured.

5. The LAPD investigated the case and decided there was nothing there and declined to prosecute.

In my opinion, Chantal Spears doesn't deserve to get a dime from  Khloe. In fact, Chantal should pray Khloe not to press any charges for intentional defamation. What do you think?

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