Monday, April 9, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Nightclub Battery !

According to TMZ, a woman filed an incident report at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s department Saturday night claiming that  Lindsay Lohan pushed her during an altercation at a Los Angeles nightclub.

The victim states that Lohan was upset that her male companion was talking to the woman, so Lohan started shoving her.

It has to be mentioned that Lohan has only been relieved from formal probation for less than two weeks, but will be on informal probation for two more years. Any more legal entanglements could jeopardize her probation status.

Lohan’s rep said in a statement to TMZ, "Lindsay was absolutely not involved in any sort of altercation whatsoever. This is clearly another case of someone looking for money and 15 minutes of fame."

What do you think?

Was Lindsay involved in any sort of altercation ?

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