Nicki Minaj Teeth: Fake ?

Who could have ever expected this? If some people can spend so much money to get booty and breast implants, how much does it cost to clean up the teeth?

How about Nicki Minaj's teeth? Are they real or fake? Watching some Nicki's pics, probably she might replaced her old teeth with veneers or she has caps on.

 Caps go over her regular teeth, so they cover up her old ones, but in no case those are natural, they are not her real teeth...

What do you think?

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  1. First off...Nicki is not a rapper. She is a pop singer, that novelty rap crap she spews is sad and pitiful. She didn't even like rap growing up

    She is completely fake and looks nothing like her true self anymore.

    She had plastic surgery and has fake breasts, behind, hair and teeth. Her real teeth are rotten.

    And her age is fake too...she isn't really 26, she is older.

    People should be angry at the level of deception Onika Marahj has feed her poor fans.


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