Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery

American film and television actor Rob Lowe (full name: Robert Hepler "Rob" Lowe) best known for appearing in films such as "The Outsiders", "Oxford Blues", "About Last Night…", "St. Elmo's Fire", "Wayne's World", "Tommy Boy" and "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me",  is rumored to have had plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time.

Needless to say that celebrity watchers and fans around the world wonder how Lowe still manages to appear ageless for a man his age (he is 49!!!).

Judging by the before and after photos, Lowe's facial expression looks "frozen", possibly a sign of a facelift, fillers and botox injections. He is also considered to have had a surgical eyelift in the past, as he still has some lines remaining, giving him a more natural result in an attempt of aging gracefully.

Lowe's chin shows a big difference over the years as the distance from the lower lip to the border of the chin maintains its proportion and the mandibular line has changed a lot, giving the impression that he may have had a chin implant.

The question is: "What Rob Lowe responds to plastic surgery rumors?"

Rob Lowe has laughed off suggestions his youthful looks are due to plastic surgery and bizarre anti-aging techniques, insisting he owes his good looks to "blind luck and genetics."

Lowe also claims he comes from a long line of relatives who never seem to age. ""My family reunion is like the cast party of (HBO vampire TV show) True Blood. My great-great-grandfather looks exactly as he did (younger), except he's wearing a three point hat and a monocle."

Lowe revealed to In Touch: "I'm not worried about chronological years", adding that he has never even considered plastic surgery or Botox. "I don't think guys should be monkeying around with that stuff."

Asked how he manages to stay still hot, Lowe credits his sons, Edward, 18, and John, 16, with keeping him fit."I'm outside surfing, diving, you name it. I'm very cool with my teenagers," Lowe was quoted as saying.

If we suppose to believe that Lowe didn't have any plastic surgery till now, obviously he follows a healthy diet, works out a lot, uses a good moisturizer and of course he is blessed with good genes!

Conclusion: Whatever Rob Lowe does to maintain his youthful looks, it is obvious that works for him as he appears really hot. 

What do you think? Did Rob Lowe have any kind of plastic surgery?

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