Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stacy Keibler Breast

Many people claim that George Clooney’s ex girlfriend Stacy Keibler appears to have mysteriously acquired larger breasts since she made an appearance on "WWE" and "Dancing With The Stars".

Well, you can't put your finger on whether or not Stacy has had any plastic surgery. Her breasts seem to be real...

But what Stacy Keibler responds to plastic surgery rumors about getting breast implants?

To be fair, Stacy Keibler recently gave an interview with "" in which she made some rather remarkable comments about her breasts and possible implants. Below are some excerpts from the interview:

Keibler will never change her appearance through rigorous weightlifting or breast implants.

"I have a lot of young girls come up to me, and one thing they admire is that I haven't changed from the beginning," stated Keibler.

"Even in meeting other people in the entertainment industry, the No. 1 thing they tell me is do not get breast implants," Keibler quoted as saying.

It is well known though that one thing the sports entertainment industry seems to lean toward are big breasts or big muscles from its few female superstars .

To the WWE's credit, Keibler revealed that she has never felt pressure to go under the knife or start pumping too much iron.

Anyway, Keibler seems like a natural beauty. She is undeniably gorgeous. Hope that she will never go under the knife.

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