Oprah Winfrey Nose Job

Oprah Winfrey is often the subject of plastic surgery rumors and especially her having a nose job (rhinoplasty) early on in her career.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, Oprah may have had a rhinoplasty (nose job). "It does appear to me that her nose may have been thinned. If so, it is a nice job because it still retains her ethnicity, while at the same time refining her overall appearance." Youn quoted as saying.

Pictures of Oprah’s early on in her career show a nose that appears wider at the bridge and flatter. Photos of Oprah since she became famous show her with a nose that seems to have a narrower bridge and more prominence to her once flat nose. It would seem reasonable that Oprah would have wanted to correct this minor nose feature to make her have wider appeal to her audience. 

Many people easily jump to the conclusion that Oprah had a nose job before she became popular. Probably the changing look of her nose is not due to a plastic surgery procedure but rather smart use of makeup and lightning. Being that Oprah is in the limelight on a daily basis, her makeup stylists have learned to emphasize on her features favorably and her lighting crew have perfected the use of lighting and optimal angles in which to capture Oprah most favorably.

But the question is: "What Oprah responds to plastic surgery rumors?"  

Oprah has repeatedly blasted rumors of her having plastic surgery, claiming "According to this I’ve had a breast lift and liposuction and a chin implant. Why would I want that? It’s not true. But, hey, I must be looking pretty good."

"I will be the first to tell you if I have plastic surgery." Oprah added.

Conclusion: Many people are not sure about whether or not Oprah had any kind of plastic surgery. The truth is that she has changed a lot through the years but not so dramatically to put your finger on it. As for her nose, you can easily figure out that appears thinner but this may be the result of excellent makeup techniques. Besides, Oprah has the best creative team behind her. Do you doubt about it?

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