Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alice Cooper's Gift To Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber !

 Rock legend Alice Cooper has revealed how him and Lady Gaga are actually pretty close – and that he’d like to buy her a bible for Christmas, as well as a subscription to a housekeeping magazine...

The "Poison" singer is apparently well-acquainted with the eccentric pop superstar, and appreciates their similarities in how they both created characters and write tracks for their alter egos – suggesting that the two get on really well on a personal level. He then went on to talk about what he’d buy her for Christmas – as well as Canadian pop idol Justin Bieber.

“I know Lady Gaga really well,” Cooper told the NME. “I get her. And for Christmas I'd get her a Betty Crocker cookbook. That and a subscription to Good Housekeeping - because those are the two things I know she doesn't have.”

He continued: "Do I like her music? Well she created a character named Gaga. I created a character called Alice Cooper that I play. I'm not Alice now, I'll be Alice tonight. She writes songs for her, I write songs for Alice. We're actually closer than Rob Zombie and I are. I think she's great. Maybe I'd also get her a bible, actually..."

When asked about Bieber, he stated “I know Bieber. Nice kid. When I met him it was at the Grammy Awards. It was Katy Perry and I giving out an award, and he's back there and he's nervous. And I said, 'Justin. C'mere. What's wrong?' And he goes 'I...I...I've never done this before! I've never done the MC thing...’

“So I said 'Can you read? That's all you have to do, you just read!' He's a little kid, so what I'm gonna get him is some Lego. Then when he goes on tour he can have something to play with.”


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