Sunday, May 13, 2012

Elisabetta Canalis Breast Implants

In a recent interview, Elisabetta revealed that being with George makes her feel young again: "He’s better than plastic surgery!"

Elisabetta probably is aware of the rejuvenating power of plastic surgery, after possibly going under the knife herself for breast implants.

But what do plastic surgeon experts beleive about Elizabetta's breasts?

Miami plastic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer states "Elisabetta Canalis may feel younger these days thanks to boyfriend George Clooney but can most likely thank a plastic surgeon for looking younger. She has enhanced her breasts with a breast augmentation".

On the other hand, Dr. Paul S. Nassif doesn't seem to agree with Dr. Michael Salzhauer about Elizabetta's breasts. Dr. Paul S. Nassif beleives that Elizabetta did't go under the knife for breast augmentation.

What do you think?

Are Elizabetta's breasts real or fake?

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