Kim Kardashian Hair Secrets !

Kim Kardashian is stunning and her hair is one of her most envied features. Everyone wants hot celebrity hair and it is not impossible if you follow some fantastic Kim Kardashian hair secrets!

According to Kim herself, try not to wash or style your hair on a daily basis. It is too much stress on the hair and will strip hair of its natural and nourishing oils and might even keep it from growing longer.

Kim likes to alternate shampoos and conditioners in order to shock the hair and keep it from getting used to any one brand or type of product. This technique keeps it bouncy and shiny, too.
Use a split mender, oil or silicone based product on the ends of hair after getting out of the shower. It keeps ends looking freshly cut and thick while protecting them from split ends when hair is wet and at it’s most vulnerable. Biosilk is Kim’s favorite.

Condition Hair for Fun in the Sun

When spending lots of time in the sun, be prepared like Kim. Keep conditioner combed through your hair while sunbathing or swimming in the pool. This excellent Kim Kardashian hair tip does double duty by protecting hair from the sun, sea and chlorine as well as providing a deep conditioning treatment. It may seem strange to walk around with conditioner in your hair, but it will seem as though you’ve just come out of the water.

Kim Kardashian Hair Tips on Styling

Kim’s hair is very dark and naturally super straight. She almost never experiments with color as she feels dark hair is beautiful just the way it is. Recently she has lightened her hair with a honey color but even that appears super dark, just warmed up a touch with extra dimension.

If Kim’s hair has any curl to it, it’s probably from her stylist. She complains that her technique is not so great but loves the bounce of curl once in a while. According to Kim, use a good ionic curling iron and let the curls set before letting them fall out naturally. That means let the curl cool completely before styling further. She even likes the look of her hair the day after is curled. The hair relaxes overnight leaving a lovely tousled tendril.

Use product that amplifies the look of hair. According to Kim “I always put volumizers and thickening spray in my hair and blow dry it. I love fully, sexy hair! I also always tease the top part of my hair by the crown of my head to give it more of a lift!”

How do you find Kim's hair advice ?

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