Lady Gaga Without Make Up !

Lady Gaga is well known for her outrageous appearances. As for make up, she usually goes with massive eyes, and prolonged lashes. Fake eyelashes are typically a should for a Lady Gaga look. For the lips, Lady Gaga generally goes with a hardly there nude or pink coloration, although she occasionally goes with black or a striking red as well.

 But how does Gaga look like when she is not wearing any make up at all?

Here are some pics that show Lady Gaga without make up. Take a look and feel free to comment.



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  1. she looks very old.. not as what i expected with her occasionally looks.. soooooooooo ugly LADY GAGA!

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  3. She looks just like an average normal woman. People don't want pop stars who look normal. I blame society for forcing her to dress like a freak most of the time. She would never of had the success she has had with a mediocre voice looking like that.


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