Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery

Despite media-fuelled hype that Simon Cowell may have gone under the knife and had celebrity plastic surgery, it’s fair to say he has only ever admitted to having botox injections.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, he said that he sees in a similar vain as cleaning his teeth.

When pressed on the subject of plastic surgery and the ultimate question of whether he would ever have it, his response was extremely clear.

"I think you have got to be very careful as a guy in particular that you can end up looking really, really weird!"

 On the other hand, his frozen look shocked viewers when he appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno" to promote the talent contest .

His forehead and chin appeared smooth and glossy in contrast to his droopy eyelids and puffy cheeks. And his chin seemed large and extended.
And expert Gwen Davies told The Sun: "Recent photographs of Simon Cowell show how having too much Botox too often can change the appearance and shape of the face.

"Simon has an elongated line-free forehead — a tell-tale sign of Botox — and a seemingly larger line-free chin.

"However, the disturbing thing is how these wrinkle-free areas are affecting the rest of his face, which looks "scrunched". 

"His eyes look hooded which could be due to too much Botox having been injected into his forehead, causing it to 'push down' the rest of his face.

"Simon also looks to have had Botox injected into his chin and around the mouth area, creating an expanse of skin which looks disproportionate to the rest of his face."

While experts say Simon looks good for his age, he was urged to lay off the treatments until his face recovers.

Ms Davies, head of non-surgical procedures at the "Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group", added: "Undeniably, Simon looks good for 52 but we'd advise more modest use of injectables and to leave time in between treatments. When it comes to Botox and other injectables, less is more."

Simon once likened using Botox to cleaning your teeth. He said: "To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste. It works, you do it once a year — who cares?"

In the run-up to launching the biggest show of his career, sources say Simon, who is 52 , has been over indulging.

One said: "Simon wants to look his best. Image is everything to him and he hates getting older.

"The thought of people seeing him looking tired upsets him so he's been doing everything he can to maintain his youthful looks."

Asked about Simon's change of appearance , his spokesman Max Clifford hinted he may have had more Botox but he added that his unusual appearance could also be caused by the "worry of counting his money".

Needless to say that Simon was so worried about looking old on the" Britain's Got Talent" semi-final he ordered two little lights to be set in the panel table to soften his looks. The other judges had none.

Do you think that Simon Cowell has gone too far with plastic surgery?

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