Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Feet

Jennifer Lopez is undeniably a very beautiful and attractive woman. But what about her feet?

Some people think that her feet are unsightly and  they just do not look pretty at all. The reason? All that dancing and crunching them up in uncomfortable shoes have deformed them!

 Those who beleive that Jlo's feet are ugly advise that we should not look them in high heeled shoes but  we should look at them bare or in flip flops.

 Her flip flop pictures (state) are totally a flop. They don't hesitate by saying out loud: "What the hell is up with the two middle toes toe nails on both feet? They look like parakeet beaks. Just horrible."

  On the other hand, they admit (Thank God!) that they appear clean and attempts have been made on those hooves! Those with that opinion strongly beleive that Jennifer Lopez's feet will get worse with age...Ouch!

But there are people that admire JLo's feet  claiming that she has gorgeous feet with a hot French pedicure! They continue by saying that she has great sexy toes as well as her feet are great tanned. Many Jlo's fans add that  she has about the prettiest feet on earth!!!

The question is: Whose side are you on??

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