Friday, March 16, 2012

"Kony 2012" Filmmaker Arrested For Masturbation In Public And Vandalism ! !

Jason Russell, the filmmaker behind the mega-viral "Kony 2012" documentary, was arrested in San Diego on Thursday night, NBC reported, citing the San Diego Police Department.

Russell, 33, "was taken into custody after he was found masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possibly under the influence of something," NBC's San Diego affiliate reported, citing San Diego Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Andra Brown.

The co-founder of the San Diego-based advocacy group Invisible Children was detained on San Diego's Pacific Beach "acting very strange" the NBC report said.

As for the "Kony" film is a complete fraud! I wonder when these people will be arrested for taking people's money because Kony is dead according to reports! How ridiculous was their message:"Make Kony famous"...I am laughing hard! Make famous a ghost??Many people fell into that trap and now these people are millionaires! From since when in order for a criminal to get caught we have to buy "action kits" and bracelets??Next time I suggest they should have dresses, necklaces etc on sale! It's ridiculous and ironic! The guy who pretended to be humanitarian and persuaded people to fight injustice, violence and crime was masturbating and vandalizing cars! How ethical, respectful and peaceful is that? Anyway, when I first saw the video I knew it was fake! Too bad people are so gullible and wasted so much money! My only advice is: Beware of your leaders and don't be fooled by celebrities because you don't know how much they were paid to show their "support" and conclusion: If someone wants to save humanity, he/she does it for FREE. Remember Mother Teresa??

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