Friday, March 16, 2012

Willow Smith Buys Heelless Boots And Dyes Her Hair Green !

Willow Smith, the eccentric 11-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, stepped out in NYC on Thursday sporting some expensive, and unusual, heelless boots. It seems that her hair is not the weirdest thing on her.

 First has shaved her head with no reason and now, as you can see in the pic , she has dyed her hair green! But the question is: How can she actually walk in this shoes? Plus, the shoes are too expensive!

 For those who are curious about the price, her shoes cost 700 dollars. It has to be mentioned that they have been designed by Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas.

What do you think of Willow's unusual heelless boots?
Would you wear them and why?

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  1. First of all her hair was cut short because a family member (believe Grandmother) having cancer and loosing their hair. I can understand that, but the 700 dollar boots??? I have to say they aren't cute at all. No offense, but the boots look as if a bipolar person created him WTH! I got too many emotions just looking at them lol. The green hair...What I hope is a phase seems like it will be part of her personality through her life! IDK how else to feel about that, but easy target for the media. I understand telling your children too believe in yourself and be yourself. but that "bar" has to end somewhere! Don't get me wrong I admire the children and the couple. HEY someone has to do it... :-/

  2. shes young, rich, and a music star...if this is the worst she is doin at 11 i dont really see the problem. i understand that the boots r a little overpriced but she can afford them then let her go ahead and buy em...


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