Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ashton Kutcher Visited Demi Moore !

Ashton Kutcher hasn't spoken publicly about estranged wife Demi Moore since her health crisis began in January , but he has seen her, according to PEOPLE.

Ashton has visited Demi since her hospital stay, but "they are not getting back together," according to the source. 

He went because "he knew it was important to her daughters," states the source. It has to be mentioned that Moore has three girls with ex-husband Bruce Willis. Daughter Rumer, 23, remains especially close with Kutcher despite his divorce from Moore.
Still, Kutcher has continued to move forward with his life.
It was about time Ashton to visit Demi! He should do more than that though... Considering the fact that they were so many years together and she ended her marriage for him, he should be more grateful!What do you think?

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