Monday, March 12, 2012

Madonna Admits She Admired Whitney Houston !

Madonna told The Sun. "One thing I was struck by with Whitney Houston is I remember she sort of came out as a singer around the same time I did. I remember looking at her singing and hearing people talk about her, and just thinking, "Oh my God. She’s such a beautiful woman and my God, what an incredible voice. I wish I could sing like that. I just remember being extremely envious of her and also touched by her innocence."

"I was watching a documentary about Serge Gainsbourg, the French songwriter, and there's a famous talk show he did that happened a while back when Whitney was just starting. It was funny, because I'd just watched it the week before she died, where he was making a kind of play for her on national television and he was basically saying in French that he wanted to "'f'" her - and the look of shock on her face ... I mean, she was so innocent, and so young and so cute, and really she blushed.
"And I was thinking, "We are all innocent at one stage in our life. It's just interesting, the paths our lives take." I was struck by that - how well she started and where she ended up and the tragedy of it."

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