Monday, March 12, 2012

Rihanna Reporterdly Drunk And Stoned On Set Of "Where Have You Been" Music Video

Rihanna was out of control on the set of her latest music video "Where Have You Been" and was drinking and smoking weed throughout the two day shoot.

According to HollywoodLife the Rihanna was certainly living up to her wild image as she shot the video for next single "Where Have You Been" and clearly didn’t care who saw her.

A source revealed: "The entire set smelled like weed. Plus, Rihanna was drinking the entire time. She even has her own chalice that she has her drinks from. It’s nuts!"

The shoot ended up taking over a day longer than expected!

Rihanna was clearly unimpressed that the video was dragging on and tweeted to her followers: "Video shoot goin MAJAH!!! Longest day everrrrr tho!!! #WHEREhaveUbeen #stillgoin."

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