Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Katy Perry Diet

Katy Perry tried out the Five Factor Diet to slim down.

Devised by celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak, the plan encourages you to eat five small meals a day and to work out five times a week. Off the menu were her favourite fast foods, replaced by wholefoods, fruit and veg, and lean proteins.

"It is just a nice, organic diet where you eat stuff like brown rice instead of white rice," Katy Perry revealed. "Brown is a bit boring and white is all white, sugary and delicious. I am missing the naughty foods a bit " Katy added.
On the Katy Perry diet, your five meals are each made up of five simple ingredients from five groups; protein, such as chicken breast or seafood; low-to-moderate GI carbohydrates, like green veg, beans, sweet potatoes and wild rice; fibre, like wholegrains; healthy fats, like oily fish or flaxseed oil; and sugar-free beverages.

Before it was all about brown rice, Katy loved nothing more than to indulge in fast food: "My fave things include barbecue chicken chop at CPK Chinese, chicken salad at Chinchins and a double double at In-N-Out Burger," Katy claimed.

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