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Adriana Lima Diet

When we talk about the Adriana Lima diet, we should keep in mind that Adriana is focusing on portion control strategy. This is very similar to the most of the super model diet out there.

 For portion control method, it is important to know the calories of each serving and also for the food taken. According to Adriana Lima diet, Lima normally keep the portions smaller and smaller as the day goes on. Lima actually practices a very strict diet and workout regime to keep her body at perfect shape.

As for Adriana Lima diet plan, she usually takes green vegetables and everything that is steamed or grilled. Adriana takes 4 ounces of any types of protein as well and she likes to do mix of different protein shakes which she called "Metagenics".

Let’s take a look at Adriana Lima diet for a normal day.


    Muesli with plain yogurt and honey or raisins, oatmeal and egg whites.
    A cup of milk or coffee with skim milk in it.


    A portion of meat (chicken, fish or red meat) with vegetables


    Some raw vegetables like cucumbers and carrots.
    A bit of chocolate ;)
    A spoonful of raw honey


    Only salad.

In Adriana Lima diet, Lima only takes salad for dinner as she found out that she sleeps better at night when she eats lighter at night. However it is not encouraged to do that according to diet specialists and the reason is that salad alone is not enough to lose weight. Adding some tuna or fish to dinner is a better choice.
It is well known that if diet is combined with working out, the results are spectacular! So, what about Adriana Lima's working out plan? Take a look below.

Adriana Lima Workout Plan

According to Lima, she had tried many different types of workout before, for example yoga, running and spinning classed. Nevertheless, she had chosen boxing because she believed boxing is exciting and it helps to keep her in her top shape- both mentally and physically. Lima enjoyed boxing a lot as she feels that she can learn something new every day and the boxing dynamic keeps her motivated consistently. Lima had recently opened up that boxing is the main reason she built up her lean muscles without being too big. Whenever she had time she will do Capoeira as well. Just for the record, Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art which combines dance, music acrobatics and choreographed play fighting. A wonderful way to keep you in shape. Don't you think?

The question is: "Is Adriana Lima Diet For You?"

You might  be confused now about whether or not Adriana Lima diet is suitable for you. It is crucial you choose a diet program that is carefully designed for your body to have a higher chance of losing weight or fat. It is important to get a specific diet program and a good exercise routine plan that is designed to help you get back your body shape.

The truth is that Adriana Lima was able to have such an amazing figure because she followed an excellent "Adriana Lima Diet and Workout Plan".  That means that you should not be carried away by celebrities' diets and workout plans just because you admire them. It is very important to be honest with yourself and respect your body's needs. But before following ANY diet, you should advise a nutritionist or an expert in general.

You should keep in mind that in order to follow ANY diet you must be persistent to your goals and stick to a specific method that can provide you results. 

Of course Adriana Lima has some diet secrets. Are you curious?

Don't forget that Lima is 5’10" tall but her weight is only 112 pounds. The question is: How did she manage to keep her amazing figure even after giving birth to her daughter?  Well, Adriana Lima stated she always makes sure she sticks to her strict Adriana Lima diet and exercise routine because she wishes to be healthy when she gets old. 

Let’s check out some of her diet tips.

5 Adriana Lima Diet Tips

   1.  Drink lots of water. Try to drink as much water as you can each day. Water is really a natural appetite-suppressant. If you hate to drink water take other calorie-free beverages. You can add citrus or a splash of juice, or take some tea with peach or mangoes. You need to differentiate whether you are really hungry or just thirsty. Many times people are confused and feel that they are hungry but in fact a glass of water is what they really need.

    2. Get enough sleep. Study shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours a day tend to weigh more than those sleep early and get enough rest. This is because when you are tired you tend to hunger for more carbohydrates. When you are tired naturally you will look for energy sources and most of the time will end up consume more foods. Research also has shown that you can reduce 220 calories from your diet simply by not watching late night TV! Consuming plenty of water and having enough sleep is the 2 most important Adriana Lima diet tips.

   3.  Appropriate workout. Remember "less is more"! When it comes to workout frequency is much more crucial than the workout duration. Having five 30 mins workout will benefit your health and body compare to doing two 75 mins workout routine.  Don't get obsessed with continuous exercise and over burden your body. Plan your workout daily. That doesn't mean that you need to go to gym every day. A 30 mins walk a day is already enough. The important point here is do it consistently.

   4. Eat wisely. Do not eat everything you find in a single meal. Separate up you meal to several mini meals every day. Recent study suggests that you will have better weight control and appetite control when you take 4 or 5 mini meals per day. Always try to divide daily calories into mini meals and take as much you can during
the day. Lima always tries to make sure her last meal of the day is dinner and avoids supper.

    5. Massage. Massage is the best methods to get metabolism recover after a very tired day or a exercise session. It helps you to cool down and protects you against lactic acid build up and muscle soreness. Massage can also help you to feel relaxed and reduces the temptation of eating more foods.

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