Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ralph Macchio Hair Transplant

Ralph Macchio has always had that teenager look going for him. No doubt it’s one of his trademarks!

 The rumors are buzzing all over the web asking: Does Ralph Macchio wear a hairpiece or has he had a hair transplant?

In fact, Ralph’s hair started thinning in his 20′s. Remember Ralph played teenagers well into his early 30′s. At first Ralph was able to hide his hair loss with the famous comb over, but finally there just wasn’t enough hair to hide it. That’s right when Ralph’s career started going no where.

There are many opinions expressed concerning Ralph's hair

Opinion 1: Many people beleive that it’s not a hair transplant and it’s certainly not his real hair. Ralph is wearing what looks like a hairpiece. A hair transplant won’t provide the density or coverage a hair piece can.

Opinion 2: Ralph is wearing a wig and his wig looks lifeless. It just seems to sit on top of his head. And the people who claim that wonder: With all the money of a Hollywood production you would think "Dancing with the Stars" could afford a better looking hair replacement system for Ralph.

Opinion 3: Ralph is wearing hair plugs.

 And last but not least we have the Opinion 4: Nowadays, hairpieces can truly look amazingly natural due to the hair fiber technology, how they are woven, and how they are applied to the scalp.The reason why a hairpiece seems fake ( maybe that is why people think that Ralph wears a wig) is that it did not match the temple area. This is what hair transplant experts call "the lid effect."  A more identical example of "the lid effect" is Ralph Macchio on "Dancing with the Stars".  His temple recession is so significant that it does not match his hairpiece at all.  You may have been able to spot this one out more easily.

And how can we spot this out?

The "lid effect" refers to the appearance of a baseball cap or lid that sits on the head like a bowl but that does not match the degree of recession in the temple hair.  In general, the degree of anterior temple hair loss should match the degree of hair loss in the central hairline in order to look natural.  In fact, the two areas unzip at an equal rate, where the hairline loses hair to the same extent as the temple area does.  When the hairline is rebuilt with a hair transplant or a hairpiece and the temple area is not similarly matched, the result can look fake.

The solution: For someone who has become accustomed to wearing a hairpiece and/or who simply does not have adequate donor hair to fill the entire head with hair again it is highly recommended at least considering a hair transplant in the temple area to match an aggressive hairline that has been established with a hairpiece.  Creating a temporal point and temporal hairline does not require a lot of hair and even the baldest man should have sufficient hair to rebuild a temple that can then match the appearance of the hairpiece.  Somehow hairpieces today can look relatively natural in the hairline but they simply do not work well in the temple area.

After all the opinions being considered over Ralph's hair what do you think and why?

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