Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery

Amanda Lepore was born a man and has undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures to turn himself not only into a woman, but more of a caricature of a woman.  

 In fact, Amanda went from being a Jersey boy to being a cartoonish femme fatale creature in the New York City club scene. All with the help of numerous plastic surgeries...

 It has to be mentioned that Armand Lepore ( his real name ) knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a girl and had a sex change operation well before he was 18 years old. Since then Amanda Lepore has had just about everything surgically (enhanced), many procedures more than once. Of course, Amanda Lepore- David LaChappelle's muse- is considered an icon in the transgender community.

The question is: "Was that look Amanda Lepore had in mind when she decided to have plastic surgery?"

Amanda once stated that she wanted to look like a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit . She certainly achieved it!

Obviously Amanda Lepore has had a LOT of plastic surgery. The whole cartoon-like woman is the look that she’s probably after, but even extreme plastic surgery like Amanda’s can be done tastefully. 

 To be honest, her brow lift seems heinous and very poorly executed. It appears that her plastic surgeon pulled her brow up as far as it could possibly go. 

To conclude, here is a list of some of the most notable cosmetic surgeries Amanda Lepore has had done:

1. Male to female sex change

2.  Breast implants (three times)

4. Eye lift (multiple)

5.  Eye slanting (twice)

6.  Forehead lift

7.  Face lift

8.  Hairline lowered

9.  Brow bone reduced

10.  Silicon injections – Hips

11.  Silicon injections – Butt

13.  Lip reduction

14.  Ribs broken and pushed in

 Many people find Amanda Lepore weird , scary, eccentric and many label her as "a freak of nature". To some people Amanda Lepore is like a living piece of pop-art. She certainly is in a way! She is something beyond human. That's not necessarily a bad thing...Besides, it's her face and body and obviously she seems satisfied with the result. That's the most important thing! She still makes a very good living out of her image. From my perspective, she has spent a fortune on plastic surgery to get the Marilyn Monroe-Jessica Rabbit look and it certainly paid off big time!
What do you think?

Has Amanda Lepore gone too far with plastic surgery?

Would you consider her multiple plastic surgeries a success or a failure?

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  1. She does look freakish.Very cool blog, new follower. Thank you for adding me as a friend on

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  4. I have had the honor of meeting and partying with Amanda many times, I was enthralled with her the first time I met her. MY bf and I were living in NYC at the time, when we met Amanda and David, they are both very down to earth people. I am not a subject of desire, but Amanda's warmness towards me made me feel special and welcome, I honestly believe some of her confidence rubbed off on me. As far as her Plastic surgery goes, I think she has done a fantastic job of sculpting her image, and I believe she is the perfect subject for David and his art.


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