Saturday, March 17, 2012

Liza Minelli Plastic Surgery

Liza Minelli certainly is looking very surprised nowadays. It seems that she has had a brow lift and/or a facelift as well as an eyelift (blepharoplasty) and quite possibly some botox.

 Just for the record, Liza Minelli is 65 years old and she no longer has under eye bags or wrinkles and her eyebrows are noticably much higher up on her forehead, which is a telltale sign of an aggressive face/brow lift. With all the cosmetic work she’s had done, it's a bit surprising at the condition of her teeth. She looks like she could use a good teeth whitening treatment, or veneers to fix the deep stains on her front teeth.

Not only has Liza Minnelli been a recipient of bad plastic surgery, but according to Liza’s ex husband, David Gest, Liza is also a "violent alcoholic with herpes".

The bizarre look gave the impression Miss Minnelli's eyebrows had been either painted or tattooed on.

But Minelli's decision to fiddle with her brows may be more than just a cosmetic malfunction, according to leading plastic surgeon Alex Karidis.

He told how many older women have their eyebrows painted or tattooed on when their real ones start to droop.

Mr Karidis said: "The brow is very important, it frames the whole face and when women age it can start to droop along with the skin.

"This is why many older women have their eyebrows shaved off and fake ones tattooed or painted in high above the eyes. It can make the whole area look younger and firmer."

He added: "Liza Minnelli was famed for her high, thick arched brows but it is inevitable they would start to fall slightly with age making the eyes look older."

According to an article in the "Daily Mail", pictures of the star show her face looking "suspiciously wrinkle-free" for a woman of her age.

The news provider also noted Minnelli's eyes looked further apart than usual, while her lips also looked plumper than they do normally.

"Liza's lips look like they've been Botoxed as she sat next to her actress friend Arlene Dahl," the publication stated.

However, the information outlet revealed the celebrity has never confessed to having cosmetic surgery, despite images that suggest she has.

What do you think of Liza's plastic surgery?

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