Monday, April 30, 2012

Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II Get On Smashingly Well !

Queen Elizabeth II is a role model for Kate Middleton and certainly the Queen is an inspiration for Kate of how to behave and work as a key member of the royal family.  

Since her marriage to Prince William last year all reports indicate that Duchess Kate gets on smashingly well with the Queen and is learning how to be in the royal family by observing her grandmother-in-law. According to reports, the Queen is said to be simply crazy about Kate. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the monarch’s feelings of disgust towards Pippa Middleton.

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told "The Sunday Times": "When the queen and Philip took Kate to Leicester for the first jubilee visit outside London I was struck by the body language they had and how clearly fond of each other they are."

"I think she is looking to the queen as an example – you can see in the way she comports herself with a certain discipline." Smith added.

It has to be mentioned that Queen Elizabeth is not the only member of the royal family Kate enjoys spending time with . It was recently revealed she has also been meeting with her father-in-law Prince Charles to discuss cultural issues.

A source claimed: "She and Prince Charles spend a lot of time together. They go on visits to the opera and art galleries; they share passions that neither William nor his brother Harry share. They get on very well.  (Queen Elizabeth) has also made a lot of time for the duchess. They have a warm relationship as was evidenced when they went to Leicester."

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