Katy Perry Weight Loss

The question is: "How does Katy Perry lose weight?"

Katy Perry stays fit by working out regularly and folllowing an organic diet.

"On holidays I eat whatever I feel like," Katy told Women's Health. "But on tour the catering is a lot of grilled chicken—nothing fried. Everything is organic, and I have soy milk. No chips in sight—if they’re in front of you, you eat them."

Another thing Perry swears by is water. "I drink a lot of water," Katy claims. "Staying hydrated is important. I don’t understand how some people live off of diet soda. I have a couple of friends who I have never seen with a bottle of water in their hands. I don’t know how they get recharged."

Mushrooms are among Katy's favorite foods. "I love mushrooms," Katy reveals. "I could eat a ton of them! I really love truffles but I hardly ever get them. Mushrooms in general are so healthy and good for you. I can’t get enough."

While Perry admits she hates working out, she stays fit by jumping rope. "I love jumping rope," Katy admits. "It’s like dancing. I can double jump, I can cross, I can do all of it. I look like Rocky!"
It has to be mentioned that Katy -like most celebrities do- has hired a personal trainer and is rumored to taking lessons from pro boxers. Always have in mind that skipping is one of the most calorie intensive workouts you can do and -not to mention- so simple.

Apart from skipping Katy also does some bodyweight exercise to tone the rest of her body. She just exercises for around half an hour a day. It is well known that a little bit of exercise plus a healthy diet is good enough to keep the fat away.

What is Katy Perry's weight loss tip?

Ensure that there are no snacks or any food that is not allowed around you where it can tempt you. If you do not see food you are less likely to feel hungry. Besides, this is very similar to the "hidden cookie diet plan".

As it was mentioned on my previous blog post about the Katy Perry Diet, Katy is doing the Pasternak 5-Factor Dieta diet system that many celebrities have now adopted. Although it is impossible to be aware of all the finer details of her diet, we do know that Katy's daily meals generally follow this format:

Breakfast – Crushed oats with apple and a whey protein shake – essential carbs and proteins.

Lunch – Chicken with vegetables or a salad with black beans – healthy lean meat and more healthy carbs.

Dinner – Brown rice with chicken teriyaki – slow release carbs and lean protein.

In order to achieve Katy Perry's Weight Loss, the key is to keep calories to a minimum, eat low GI foods and lean proteins. Simple and very effective. Don't you think?

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