Jennifer Lopez Breast

Many Jennifer Lopez's fans wonder: " How big is Jennifer Lopez breast?" The answer is that Jennifer Lopez's bra size is 34C.

Many celebrity watchers seriously doubt if Jennifer Lopez's breast is real, suggesting that she has gone under the knife for breast augmentation.  

According to Dr. Paul Lorenc, who hasn't been treated Jennifer "It looks same she has gotten implants. The breasts are larger and higher and there's exclusive one way of doing that" adding that he considers she's destroyed from a moderate B cup to a unusually huge C.

 Many things have been written about Jennifer Lopez's breast...
In 2011 there was an awkward and uncomfortable situation for Jennifer Lopez at a live Television Show!

In detail, Jennifer Lopez got her breast out of her dress at a German Live Television Show "Wetten Dass". Jennifer was going to set her dress at couch and while doing this, suddenly her breast came out of her dress. The scene was captured and being watched by the audience. Jennifer Lopez tried to cover the whole thing by a casual and funny chat with the host...

These things can happen. Instead of losing your temper it's better to face the situation with humour...What do you think?

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