Britney Spears Breakdown

It was in 2003 that Britney made the shocking confession that would alter her image of innocence forever. In an interview with W magazine, she guilty whispered the exclusive revelation that she was most certainly no longer a girl but definitely a woman, claiming that "I've only slept with one person my whole life. I thought he was the one. But I was wrong."

And so, Britney, having reached the peak of her career, began a rapid descent from angel of innocence to sexual deviant.

With her virginal status now a mere memory, Britney wasted no time in furthering her relationship experience, making headlines worldwide by marrying and divorcing her childhood friend Jason Alexander in a true 5:30am Vegas style ceremony. Total period of wedded bliss: 55 hours.

Despite this first public eccentricity, it was Britney's second marriage that really captured the always wandering tabloid eye. 

Thus it was in 2004 that the world was introduced to Kevin Federline. Back-up dancer and wannabe superstar, K-Fed was certainly not the man that the public had in mind for their not-so-innocent pop-princess.

Yet, whilst the couple's pimp and ho's themed wedding did little to inspire confidence in the longevity of their nuptials, their relationship progressed quickly, with two sons being born in their first three years of marriage. 

It was during this time after the breakdown of her marriage and the very real possibility that she might lose half her fortune, that Britney Spears seemed to experience a nervous breakdown. After days of continuous drinking and spending Valentine's morning all by herself, Britney spiraled out of control. 

She was noticed weeping in her car before going to Esther's Hair cutting Studio in Los Angeles. There she demanded that her hair be shaved off. The staff refused to oblige the bizarre demand of the star. Such was her state of mind that Britney took the clippers into her own hands and shaved off her locks.

Her every move being watched and recorded by the paparazzi, a bald-headed Britney left the salon and traveled to a tattoo studio and got two tattoos done on her wrist and hip. The tattoo parlor staff was witness to her extreme disturbed state of mind as she screamed in pain as the tattoos were created. "She just seemed totally hysterical and distressed. We just saw Britney on the brink of a nervous breakdown" was the observation of tattooist Emily Wynn-Hughes.

                                       The Final Decline

Perhaps the only thing more disastrous to Britney's public image than her 2004 marriage was her text message divorce in November of 2006.

It seems that this event was the catalyst to a period of most significant controversy : an extended nervous breakdown in the life of a teen star that continues to captivate the paparazzi, control tabloid covers and enthrall fans and foes across the globe.

From befriending party girl Paris Hilton to famously being photographed without her underwear, shaving her head and losing custody of her kids, the year 2007 will undeniably go down in history as a Britney Spears breakdown hell.

Indeed the true story of Britney's decline is far more scandalous and truly indecent than the most outrageous of mid-day soap operas.

In the space of a mere year, Britney has managed to get divorced via text message, be charged with hit-and-run, attack the paparazzi with an umbrella, drive continually without a license, be forced to undergo random drug testing, suffer a mini meltdown at an Ok! Magazine photo shoot, have an affair with a paparazzi, be dropped by two divorce attorneys, be investigated for child abuse, get a restraining order slapped on her, run over a paparazzi's foot, be involved in a sex tape scandal, miss almost every court appearance due to partying all night and give the most terrible and inexcusable performance of her career at the 2007 MTV Awards. And that's just the start of it.

The most recent and shocking development in this breakdown hell? On the night of January 3rd, police were called to Britney's Los Angeles home after Brit took her two kids hostage and refused to follow court-appointed custody orders.

Following a three hour stand-off documented by thousands of light-bulb flashing paparazzi, Britney was rushed off to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, from where she was released the following day (after a personal consultation with Dr Phil ).

So how has Britney really been coping through the past year?

Well, as Britney in her own words responded, "Eat it, lick it, snort it, **** it!"

Conclusion: Growing up as a superstar is no doubt a risky business. 

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