Katy Perry Acne

Katy Perry has started getting acne from stress and lack of sleep when she began doing world tours and road shows and her confidence really went down low. Acne made her vulnerable and controlled her confidence. Being a real person, she believed that she had to reveal her story to her fans that there is a solution to acne and that's Proactiv. Katy Perry uses the New Proactiv with micro crystal benzoyl peroxide to fight back acne.

Katy after trying every procedure, facial treatment and product she could find, she finally decided to try Proactiv. The good thing, besides her acne treatment, is that she got paid 4 million dollars and endorse Proactiv. The irony is that now she can afford more expensive makeup to cover her acne!

Judging by the pics, Katy seems to have borderline severe acne.

According to dermatologists, this acne product doesn’t work. The reason why dermatologists are against Proactiv is because it uses Benzyol Peroxide and Glycolid Acid, both of which are way too harsh for twice-daily use. Plus the fact that you can achieve clear skin without putting bleaches and acids all over your face.

 The truth is that nobody is immune from acne and modern medicine just isn’t getting the job done in terms of clearing it up. Katy Perry probably doesn’t like having acne ( who does?), and as a celebrity, her looks are an important part of her career. She can certainly afford the best medical care in the world. But doctors, dermatologists in particular, are hung up with old, outdated information about acne. They’ll charge you the $15 copay, make $85 from the insurance company, and write you a prescription for one cream or another, and send you on your way. When you come back with problem skin, it helps them more than it does when you disappear forever with perfect skin. They don’t have a financial interest in healing your acne. 
Katy Perry breaks two basic rules about acne: She wears hats and sunglasses! Hats and sunglasses can block UVA and visible light spectrums from getting to your retina, which prevents your brain from suppressing melatonin. Katy's lifestyle doesn't help her to get enough sleep. On top of that, when she travels during the day she has no access to natural sunlight.

Advice for treating Katy Perry's acne:

1. Try to get to sleep as quick as possible after the concerts

2.  Don’t use stimulants (caffeine, etc) before the concert

3.  Try to schedule travel for after 6 pm

4. Quit drinking alcohol

5. About Katy Perry's diet: Eliminate all processed sugars, processed carbs and all bit a tiny bit of fruit. Try to avoid dairy. Take a Vitamin B complex, selenium, and zinc supplement religiously. Have a chef prepare daily meals with tomatoes cooked in olive oil and a low carb diet with tons of vegetables, especially carrots and broccoli. Eat sunflower seeds in the evening.

6. Exercise every night 4 hours before bed (concerts probably pretty much count as a workout). 

7.  Quit using any prescription skin products that dry out the skin and make her too sensitive to the sun.

8. Get rid of the hat and sunglasses! 

If Katy follows these simple steps, she will have acne free perfect skin in a week!

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