Victoria Beckham Teeth

It's no secret that Victoria Beckham wasn't quite satisfied with her teeth.

So, she decided to take the matter in some professional hands and underwent a series of whitening treatments with Dr. Jeremy Hills.

The cost of such a procedure went-up to 2,500 per tooth, respectively a total amount of 25,000 for an attractive brand new smile.

According to some rumors, her husband David Beckham has also gave-in to the miraculous hands of Dr. Hills for whitening treatments.

The bad news is that Victoria Beckham takes a huge risk undergoing repeatedly such procedures, because it's a well-known fact that the chemical and mechanical polishing may cause important damage to one's teeth if done excessively.

Ex Posh Spice, thrilled with the results, got allegedly carried away with the whole situation. As Dr. Hills has stated only that he recommends "a maximum of one treatment a year", choosing to keep quiet on any other details, one can safely assume that Victoria wasn't 100% happy with only one whitening session.

Though it was really hard to find a recent picture of Victoria Beckham smiling, it is more than obvious that she has had her formerly wonky teeth brought up to "Posh Spice" standards. Don't you think?

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