Katy Perry Breast Implants

There are many rumors about whether or not Katy Perry has breast implants.

Katy Perry doesn't look like she has breast implants

Katy had denied all plastic surgery rumors and actually claimed on an interview that her D cups were 100% natural. This doesn’t mean much coming from a celebrity, but Katy gives you the impression that she is honest and trustworthy.

It’s pretty likely that Katy didn’t go under the knife for breast implants . A few of her most recent pics might suggest that she has breast implants, but the overwhelming majority of them don’t. It has to be pointed out that according to plastic surgeon experts she doesn’t have any of the classic signs of breast implants, such as the following:

   1. She’s never looked like she’s ready to explode out of her shirt: Breast implants can be quite swollen for a few weeks to months after surgery, and during that time they can really look "overdone".

2. She doesn’t have the classic super-round, super well-defined cleavage.
3. She doesn’t have any weird lines, scars, or unusual contours: Capsular contracture is one of the most devastating complications of breast implant surgery.

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden , stated about Katy Perry's supposed breast implants: "I have looked at several photos and YouTube videos and it seems to me that Kate has probably not had breast augmentation. I believe her breasts are large, and one of the things I see in the photos is a natural appearance in the upper part, or cleavage area, of the breasts even when wearing a bustier. They have a tendency towards ptosis, or a natural sag that occurs over time in women with breasts that are C-cup or larger."

However, Dr. Walden also doesn’t rule out the possibility that Katy has had an exceedingly well-done breast augmentation either:

"I do not see any of the stigmata of breast implants, but it serves to mention that a conservatively done breast enhancement may be hard to discern from naturally beautiful breasts!"

What do you think?

Are Katy Perry's breasts 100% natural or fake?

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  2. they are natural. in fact, why would she want a boob job if she hated how big her breasts were as a child? i watched a channel about katy perry, it;s true and she has not had breast implants. people who say that are jealous of her because they do not have naturally nice boobs

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  4. First pic looks real, everything else looks shopped.

  5. Is there anyway to make your breast implant leak or rupture? Long story but I want to know if there is a way to make your breast implant leak or rupture?


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