Sunday, April 8, 2012

Madonna Doesn't Allow Lourdes To Join Her On Tour !

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes may not be making her debut on stage with her mother after all.

Lourdes has infuriated Madonna after being pictured smoking with friends in New York.

"Madonna told Lourdes she is thinking she should help her to concentrate on university instead of allowing her to join her on tour," according to reports.

"She was incensed with her for smoking."

Madonna has recently spoken about wanting Lourdes to follow in her footsteps at Michigan University, where the star-to-be won  a dance scholarship.

What do you think of Madonna's decision?

Do you approve or are you disappointed?

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  1. Certainly, I would have reacted so well I

  2. I say good on you Madonna it made me mad knowing she was smoking and she's not my child however it would have been nice to see her join the tour and i respect your decicion. Whitney would of celebrated and gave her daughter a joint, children you give them an inch and they take a mile Good Parenting Madonna x

  3. Support Madonna 100%. That Lola is not a brat is down to Madonna's great parenting and her desire for her kids to be as normal as possible, despite constantly being in the inevitable spotlight. I am sure Madonna's reasons are health related and also concern that at only 15 Lola is breaking the law. She has to be 18 to smoke in US.

  4. People should not put Loudres on any headlines.. clearly it's Madonna's career.. and Loudres may have her little affairs with the Material Girl label.. but that clearly is not very gossipy.. so lay off Lola .. she is only young.. too much press on her is too much pressure on her.!!


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